Ellensburg Blue Agate A grade 72 ct lot of 10 12j28

Tumble polished Ellensburg Blue agate! is your chance to own a genuine Ellensburg Blue tumble polished agate at a very reasonable price. Some places in Ellensburg sell similar stones for $20. each! This is a lot of 10 small to medium sized stones, high enough quality that you could get some cabs out of them. Total weight of this lot is 14.4 gm or 72 ct.

EllensburgBlue Agate is a blue agate found only in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains northwest of Ellensburg, Washington, USA. Although other blue agates are found elsew (for example, the Blue Lace and the Asian Blue Chalcedony), the Ellensburg Blue is unique in several respects, and an expert can distinguish the Ellensburg Blue from other more common forms of blue agate. Their unique chemical composition, with titanium and 42 other trace elements, is a result of the volcanic action in that region. In addition, with a Mohs scale rating of 7.5 to 8.3, Ellensburg Blue agates are somewhat harder than most agates, which are Mohs scale 7. Unlike many agates found in sedementary beds, Ellensburg Blues are found only in the cores of geodes in the glacial scatter fields of their range. Most geodes found in that area yield an inferior grey stone at their cores. Only a small proportion of these are blue, and an even smaller proportion are suitable for jewelry. Top quality Ellensburg

According to Melody in -Love is in the Earth-, Ellensburg Blue agates can enhance ones stature, eliminate negative self-talk, and bring happiness through understanding. It is believed to help one to appreciate one's abilities, characterisitics, and situations. It is said to be good for the throat chakra, it helps communication, speech, teaching, insight through âeoetalking it outâe, etc.

(for personal education only. This is not to be taken as medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. If you have a serious health problem please see a qualified health care professional.)

Beware of imitators; sometimes other types of agate are sold as Ellensburg Blue. I get my Ellensburg Blue agates from a reputable specialist dealer in Ellensburg Washington, and they are the real thing. They have a distinctive cast to them that an expert can distinguish from other blue agates. Genuine Ellensburg Blues are highly variable, no two alike. If you are looking at blue agates that all look pretty much alike, most likely they are not Ellensburg Blues. Even if you cut two cabs from the same stone, they will often differ slightly. Yet they have a certain "family resemblance" that is distinct from all other blue agates. This is one way you can recognise genuine Ellensburg blues, from their variability. This tumble polished specimen quality Ellensburg Blue shows many of the characteristic "birthmarks" by which experts can distinguish the real thing: brown rind, crystal pockets, rust colored veins, etc. Its color in the highest grade is like that of the Ellensburg sky. Once you've seen genuine Ellensburg in its natural state, enhanced only by a tumble polish, you'll know that this is a very special stone!

Coin, a US cent, is shown in picture for size reference and inventory purposes. It is about 19 mm It is not included with the stone.

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