ELLENVILLE Fine gem Citrine Quartz Crystal pocket vug floater fragment CLASSIC

Sharing A few Kg's over the next coming weeks auctions of a remarkable discovery made at a classic locality that has not produced the likes of these type specimens and particularly of this exceptional quality in nearly a century!

My Ancestors were miners and owner/operators in this Mining District which produced Zinc, Iron, Copper, Silver and most valued for its contribution of Lead and stock certificates to support the 124th N.Y.S.V during the Civil War!

Amazing local history steeped in this Famed old Locality aboud with lore of Gold, Silver Lead and other notable occurance of Brookite, Iridescent Hematite, Free Native Gold, Chalcopyrites, Sphalerites, Galena and much more!!

I am offering a fine example of the classic druze and quartz crystal excrusted floaters this highly regarded locality was know for. Sharp and undamaged X'Ls of the finest Gem brillance Ellenvilles sought after rarities a find of a lifetime!! Literally!!

Interestingly enough I must add the Ancient soils of my Sassafrass and Blueberry Dominant Forest have infused a lovely Rootbeer flavored aromatherapy to my excavation sessions and the lovely crystal rich Rootbeer flavored concentrates/pocket clays I am offering in additional auctions to come!!


For auction here is a very fine and asthetic
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