Elson Pre-Primer First Dick and Jane Reader Dick & Jane 1930

This is preprimer wasn't titled Dick and Jane, but it has the same stories and illustrations as the book published six years later by the same publisher with that title. It's a treasure for anyone who collects the series, and because of its age, the fact that it was used by young children, and the fact that it's a paperback, it is very hard to find. This particular book is in quite good condition. The colors are still bright inside. Some collectors like this earlier edition because it isn't titled Dick and Jane . Go figure. One difference in the two years is that the 1936 edition includes a page of 14 words with small pictures at the end of the book that are not included in the 1930 edition.

In this 1930 edition Dick and Jane don't look the same; there was a different illustrator and Sally has no name - she's just Baby. Pets are different, too. Spot is a different breed. Puff is Little Mew. Baby (Sally) doesn't have Tim, but Dick and Jane have a pet rabbit. Some of the adventures the children have are simlar to ones they have in the 1940's and in the 1950's. That's why so many collectors look for the early books.

By the end of the 40-page book students learned to read 68 words. If you are a real Dick and Jane collector, you will want to go all the way back and add this one to your collection.

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