Elvis Pieces Of My Life - Ultimate Live Anthology 3DVD

Pieces Of My Life" - The Ultimate Live Anthology 3 DVD Set
For years, Elvis fans have wanted a release of the greatest and most rare complete Elvis songs on one dvd that are not the same recycled Aloha and '68 special performances. As great as those are, the true fans wanted different versions and wanted to see the different suits, complete songs, ect. In EID's finest hour, answers the calling of the many. In this epic dvd set, the fans get to see virtually every song Elvis played live from 1969 - 1977, ranging from Elvis' first Vegas engagement up to Elvis' last performance. On top of that, all songs are complete. To make things even better, none of the footage has ever been officially released, and has only circulated on the imports market, in inferior sound and quality. As a special note, for the very first time ever on any release, the LAST performance of UNCHAINED MELODY from Cincinnati, OH June 25, 1977 is shown in its entirety from 2 camera angles including one from the first row! The 3 dvd set consists of "Elvis with the guitar," "Show Starters", "Oldies", "Showstoppers" and "Elvis At The Piano." In the bonus section of the dvd, you can also watch the wonderful 8mm film from Chicago 6/17/72 and the 1st 3 songs from the 1st MSG show with the soundboard. All dvds have interactive menus and song selection modes, and are
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