Elvis Presley 24KT Gold Plated Record Blue Suede Shoes

This is a framed and nicely matted 24KT Gold Plated Record, honoring Elvis Presley for his big hit, "Blue Suede Shoes".

It is in a frame that is oak or oak- toned. The outer egde of the frame measures 15" wide and 22" high.

Included in this framed exhibit is the record cover for this song. It has a picture of young Presley singing, with his name written in pink and green letters. It also has the RCA name and logo in the upper right corner. The cover reads, "Blue Suede Shoes b/w Tutti Frutti".

To the right of this picture is a gold-toned, small plaque that reads, "This Special Edition Gold Plated Record Is In Recognition Of Outstanding Artistic Achievement"

Below that is the Gold Plated Record. It is the actual size of a 45 record and says, RCA, Recorded Jan. 30, 1956, Blue Suede Shoes, (Carl Perkins), Elvis Presley".

In the right hand, lower corner is a seal that is red and gold. It states," 24 KT Gold Plated Record". Also inserted into the frame, on the outside, is a Certificate of Authenticity. It states, " It is by certified that the Elvis Presley framed record which accompanies this document has been plated in 24kt gold. This item is unconditionally guaranteed as to its authenticity. Scott Kelly, President, Collector's Gold Inc./California Gold, 1951 Old Cuthbert Rd Suite 105 Cherry
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