Elvis Presley Animatronic singing & talking robot ( Rare)

Hi, Selling this very very rare item... Made by WOWEE some years ago this is an interactive life size bust of Elvis Presley !!!!!
He sings and talks about his life and moves as he does this, worth looking on YouTube for footage of him working, he looks and sounds great !!!!

Invite the King of Rock and Roll into your living room with the lifelike animatronic Elvis robot. Relive the magic of your favorite Elvis performance with this talking robot from WowWee--a lifelike singing and talking bust of the best-selling solo artist in U.S. history. Designed using motion-captured facial animations and a leather jacket styled from the Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special, the robot lets you listen to, sing along with, and learn more about the life of the King of Rock and Roll. The robot offers four primary modes: Alive mode, which animates Elvis, tracks movements, and makes the occasional famous Elvis remark; Song mode, in which Elvis sings eight of his best-loved songs; Monologue mode, where Elvis describes his life and times; and Sing Through mode, which lets you sing along with Elvis or turn his vocals down and sing over the top (requires separately sold microphone). The robot is the next-best thing to inviting the King himself into your living room, and offers the added bonus of being physically possible.

Robot includes a
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