Elvis Presley Christmas card to Harry Levitch circa '67


DESCRIPTION: This item is an original personal Christmas card that was sent out to Friends and Business associated of ELVIS PRESLEY in 1967. This is not the fan club mailing list Christmas card. This is an "inside the circle" card. Meaning you had to know ELVIS personally to get one of these.

The card was originally sent by ELVIS and family to his friend and personal Jeweler Mr. Harry Levitch. The card is a gold foil card with SEASONS GREETINGS on the front flap. On the inside it reads:

"and best wishes for your happiness in the New Year, PRISCILLA AND ELVIS".

The card comes with the original envelope. The senders address is stamped on the back side and the receivers address is handwritten. The return address reads ELVIS PRESLEY 3764 Highway 51 Memphis , Tenn. 38116 . This address is better known as GRACELAND . The card was sent before the street was renamed Elvis Presley Boulevard .

Mr. Harry Levitch, the owner of LEVITCH FINE JEWELRY AND DIAMONDS, was not only Elvis Presley's personal jeweler; But, also a close personal friend. Throughout their business and friendship interactions, Mr. Levitch acquired a large personal archive of ELVIS memorabilia the likes of which have rarely been seen by the public. We were able to obtain a large piece of his archive from his son Ron
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