Elvis Presley import CD 6/28/74 Milwaukee,Wisconsin

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"Elvis Presley..In Dreams of Yesterday" 21 rare tracks

Elvis Presley import CD 6/28/74 Milwaukee,Wisconsin

This CD is a Czechoslovakian Release and only available from the Elvis Presley Czech Republic Fan Club.

Only 500 of each CD are made

Milwaukee, June 28 1974 (A.S.)
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/Amen
Turn Around And Look At Me (excerpts)
Love Me
Trying To Get To You
All Shook Up
Love Me Tender
Hound Dog
Polk Salad Annie
Why Me Lord
Suspicious Minds
Band Intros
I Can't Stop Loving You
Help Me
Brigde Over Troubled Water
Let Me Be T
Funny How Times Slips Away
Big Boss Man
Steamroller Blues
Can't Help Falling In Love

Review by Ken Jensen
The first Sound boardrecording released by MEMORY Records. Elvis's performance is well above average. In fact, I've heard nothing from the latter half of 1974 that can match this. The tour began in Fort Worth, Texas on June 15 and ended in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 2 and was one of the last truly great tours of his life.
The Milwaukee concert captures Elvis in splendid mood, obviously enjoying what he's doing. He even sings a few seconds of "Turn Around, Look at Me" to the audience's delight. Highlights include

CD Review - In Dreams of Yesterday
By Piers Beagley ( Source: .au Feb 20, 2003)

1974 was a strange year for Elvis. After the amazing highs (Aloha) and lows (no Priscilla & hospitalisation) of 1973 Elvis spent most of the year on tour performing over 150 shows and never once did he enter a recording studio.

This CD from the Czech team gives us a look at Elvis' third tour of the year and features the Milwaukee, Wisconsin show of June 28th.

While the cover design is one of their very best and Arjan Deelen's sleeve notes nicely set the scene I have to admit that I was very disappointed at first! The pre-release publicity really had me hooked. The quote - "The sound-quality of this unreleased recording is truly amazing . . The King in top form in such terrific clarity.. everything sounds crisp and fresh" ensured that I had incredibly high expectations.

Elvis announces 'Help Me' as the "other side" of his new single. He sings a pretty version that is very interesting to compare to the feeling of desperation that you can hear two years later on "Tucson '76".

'Bridge Over Troubled Water' is another rarity this night. Sung without the early 70's melodrama it is also a treat. After this, a change of pace brings us 'Let Me Be T' which gets the regular treatment but the final three tracks are fabulous.

'Funny How Time Slips Away' is marvellous and luckily the audio quality does improve at this point, giving more sparkle to the final songs.

'Big Boss Man' (added to his live repertoire in March) is great to hear and even better when followed by a fabulous 'Steamroller Blues', one of the few times that Elvis sang this as his penultimate song. Glen D Hardin's piano work shines and you can hear Elvis getting down and really enjoying the blues, the atmousp, and the song. He rocks along, "Yeah, all right, uh huh!", with James Burton's guitar solo - a churning urn of burning fire indeed! What an excellent selection to end with.

To the 11,800 who attended Elvis says adios "It's been a pleasure working for you. . . be careful driving home and we bid you an affectionate farewell" before 'Can't Help Falling' takes us home.


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