Elvis Presley "King of Vegas Doll" 1993 Ashon-Drake

For bid I'm offering this 1993 Elvis Presley "King of Vegas" Doll. Made by The Ashton-Drake Galleries. This Doll is another in the Elvis Lifetime of a Legend porcelain doll collection officially authorized and fully endorsed by the Estate of Elvis Presley. Handcrafted and hand painted porcelian doll #4002-FA. Doll is 16 inches tall. In excellent condition. Comes with COA and paperwork. Doll is very clean. Will be an excellent addition to your classic Elvis collection. Doll over 2 pounds unpacked. Shipping around $10.00 (US) overseas around $25-$30

I forgot to add to listing. The microphone wire was cut towards the bottom and repaired. Not a big deal. Can hardly see it but I want the buyer to know this.