Elvis Presley - The Movies JFK Half Dollars Coins Set

Elvis - The Movie Years Collection

From 1956 through to 1969, Elvis Presley starred in no less than 31 feature films beginning with "Love Me Tender" through to "Change Of Habit". Though Elvis' movie years have been heavily critiscised were it not for those films, songs such as ; Teddy Bear - Jailhouse Rock - King Creole - Can't Help Falling In Love and many more may never have been recorded.

In 2005 to celebrate Elvis Presley's Movie Legacy a Limited Edition Set of coins was produced by The Morgan Mint with the approval of The Graceland Estate, these coin sets have now been deleted for over 6 years.

This set of three uncirculated, brilliant JFK Half Dollar coins features Elvis in Pardise, Hawaiian Style (1966) Tickle Me (1965) and Harum Scarum (1965).

All the coins within this collection are Legal Tender and issued by the United States Federal Reserve Bank, none of the coins have been touched by human hand since the day they were minted and come complete with Jewell Coin Display case as shown.