Elvis Presley Original Hilton Soap Bar Still Wrapped from Lisa Marie Jet 1976

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ErnieMartin, a family friend told me when Elvis was to arrive at the Long Beach International Airport on April 24 th after his concert in San Diego , CA . My then girlfriend, Cindy and I waited for Elvis’ arrival and then proceeded to follow the 3 limos with police escort to the Long Beach Hilton were the entire staff stayed. We attended both shows the next day, one at 2:30PM and the other at 8:30 that evening taking photos at both concerts. On the morning of April 26, Ernie informed me of Elvis’ departure time and we were again at the airport with my Canon camera and my 230 mm Solinger lenses that was a foot long and quite heavy. Elvis arrived in his limo and was seated in the back seat. The gate was locked and the limo just stayed parked until a security guard came over to unlock it. As I ran toward the limo, Elvis was directly in front of me holding the hand strap and a white plastic cup in his left hand. Only problem I was too close to take any photos with the foot long lenses. Just prior to his arrival I decided to exchange the lenses from a manageable 35mm to this more bulky lenses, oh well, but my luck was about to change. With the gate finally unlocked the limo proceeded to the ramp leading to the front of the “Lisa Marie”. As Elvis departed I began to This photo was the best I took that
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