ELVIS PRESLEY Original Strand of Hair With Documention

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Lake City Collectibles ELVIS PRESLEY Original Strand of Hair which measures 1 1/2 inches in length This is an original strand of hair from Elvis Presley This comes with a statement of Authenticity from Norene Clark Dated 8/26/99 Statement Reads: To Whom it May Concern One night, in December of 1973 Martha Dunkle and I were visiting Harold Loyd (Elvis' cousin and gateguard) at Elvis Presleys home, Graceland. Harold was Martha's boyfriend and he was working at the gate that night. Math had to ho to the bedroom and she and I begged Harold to let us go up to the house and use the restrooms in Graceland. At first Harold refused, saying Elvis was home and did'nt want to be disturbed. But, then he gave in and said he would take us up to the house. He took us to the restroom just inside...off the pool area. When we got inside, we told Harold that t was hair all over the floor. Harold said that Elvis had had his hair cut earlier and the maids hadn't cleaned it up yet. martha and I were beside ourselves! We got down on our hands and knees and quickly scooped up as much of Elvis' hair that we could. Harold was laughing at us for being silly over Elvis' hair. I brought my share of Elvis's hair home and put strands of it in wax paper to preserve it. When I got tired of making the wax paper packets, I put
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