Elvis Presley 1 OZ 999 Silver Round In Box 1935-77

gorgeous piece if you are an Elvis collector mint in box A great American no reserve
* I always combine shipping wait until invoiced before paying or I cannot change it * there is normally 2-3 ways to ship YOU
The only place for MY OPINION: I do not understand the shipping problems on ebay. If I want to buy something and the sellers shipping is way to much, I buy from someone else. What matters to me is; do they ship same or next day? do they pack with care so I receive my items intact? do they take care of problems if there is one? This is what matters to me and I have no problem paying a bit more for it. Just like eating out, if the service is good so is the tip. On ebay though people seem to have no problem ruining a sellers feedback because THEY think paying $2 more than actual shipping is a crime. We are a shop, the items listed are not ours, we buy boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, tape, ink, paper etc every single month, and we do not sell on here for "fun" it is a business and it is ran that way. Ebay has made it where sellers have no recourse for these bad buyers we run into once in awhile other than to BLOCK them and share them with other sellers. Ebay has made it where buyers get to have "opinions" for feedback, not facts and sellers are not allowed to have opinions, so we just share bad buyers with other sellers.
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