Elvis Presley Personal Owned & WRITTEN 1975 Check Stub to Sheila Ryan

This is Elvis Presley's owned and personally written checkbook stub! This stub (#102) came directly from Elvis' original checkbook register. The following information listed in italics was all hand written on the check stub by Elvis Presley.

Date - May 21 , 19 75

To - Sheila Ryan

Am't This Check: 500.00

For - Personal for EP

An item like this is even more rare than an autograph due to the fact that there are very few in circulation. Buyer will receive a complete packet of documentation including a copy (as the original pertains to all of the stubs) of the Letter of Authenticity from Graceland Authenticated (partially shown in this listing) as well as an original Certificate of Authenticity from the EP Mobile Museum (the current owner of the checkbook register). Sheila was one of Elvis' girlfriends in the mid-70's and later married actor James Caan. Fantastic piece of Elvis history...don't miss out!

Photo of Elvis and Sheila for reference purposes only. Photo of the complete checkbook register shows the stub before it was carefully removed, not damaging it in any way. Carefully packaged shipping with insurance in the US for only $10.00 - international shipping for $15.00.