Elysia Museq 2 Channel Rack Mount Analog Equalizer, w/ manual, EXCELLENT

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You are bidding on a USED Elysia Museq 2 Channel Rack Mount Analog Equalizer, w/ manual. Everything is in EXCELLENT / NEAR MINT condition.

The basic idea behind Elysia musEQ is the combination of premium sound shaping capabilities with optimally matched parameters which enables the user to find the desired results fast and precisely. The provided bands with their ample control ranges as well as some elysia-specific special features make sure that the museq can be used flexibly in any recording and mixing situation, and the stepped controllers are especially dedicated to mastering applications. Each of the two channels offers three parametric bands with a switchable Q. The additional outer bands are low/high shelf designs which can be separately switched into a low/high cut mode with an extra resonance peak as a special finesse. Each gain controller of the two times five bands can be altered from boost to cut mode which results in a notably well resolution of the control ranges and twice the number of available settings. Both channels have a switchable option for a stronger
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