EMAX Skyline32+OSD Flight Controller (Acro)


Skyline 32 Flight Controller + on board OSD to simplify your FPV build. No need for unreliable external OSD modules anymore. With a simple flick of a switch, the OSD can easily and quickly be turned ON or OFF. The OSD is integrated into the Flight Controller so setting up is simple.

Connect an fpv camera and Video Tx directly to the Skyline 32 + OSD board. With MW_OSD pre installed on the Skyline32+OSD, the pilot can change PID on the spot through OSD without having to connect to a computer. Simply use the transmitter’s stick commands and follow the OSD menu.Supports PPM signal via Channel 1 in RC_IN port (UART2), and supports SBUS signal via Channel 4 in RC_IN port (UART2).

Key Features:

Run Cleanflight, Betaflight, or Baseflight

Wire-to-Board micro connectors.

Built-in gyro/accelerometer, magnetometer (Advanced Version also includes barometer and magnetometer)

Blackbox ready with 2MB of storable data.

Thin and ultra compact for clean/tight builds.

Uses top quality electronic components and high precision SMT.

32-bit ARM micro processor running at 3.3v / 72MHz.

Fly in Manual Mode, Angle Mode, Horizon Mode, Head-Holding Mode, Head-free Mode, and Altitude-Hold Mode (Altitude-Hold Mode is available in Advanced version).

Supports Quad-,Tri-,
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