Embraer 145 Systems Training Power Points with Videos

A complete set of Power Points with mpeg videos for complete training on the Embraer 145 jet. I wrote these powerpoint to teach to my students at my Flight School. I use to fly the jet for an airline so I put together a complete training set for my students that have needed advanced training to make it in ground school at the airlines on the EMB 145. The reserve is $49.99 but I will still consider selling the computer disk to the highest bidder so bid anything.

These disks also have training on the FMS (flight management system) and the GPWS (ground proximity warning system) as well as how to use weather radar and how to fill out TOLD (take off and landing data cards) the way the airlines want them for the ERJ.

I have noticed that other training schools sell this training for $250. This would be a great way to study and ace and interview on the ERJ.

The Systems are Electrical, Hydraulic, Fuel, Engine, APU, Doors, Flight Deck, Crew Awareness, Gear, Brakes, Steering, Flight Controls, Pneumatics, Air Conditioning, Pressurization, Ice and Rain Protection, Fire Protection, Oxygen, Communication, Instruments, Navigation, Autopilot, Emergency, Equipment, Lights, Preflight, Weight and Balance, FAR's, Weather Planning, General Operating Subjects Powerpoint set, Written Test Reviews, Oral Test Reviews. All in this set.

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