This is a sweet vintage embroidery of the children's bedtime prayer "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep." It shows three verses in black cross stitch, enclosed in a blue and pink flower heart. Surrounding the heart are the faces of a little girl, baby, and boy at the top; and at the bottom, t are five children of varying ages in their jammies, some kneeling and the elder two holding candles. It measures approximately 24" in length x 20" in width. It is on a very smoothly woven fabric that has mellowed with age to a cream color. It does have some light staining in a few spots on the embroidery, and quite a few darker places along the 2" border w it had been glued onto a cardboard backing. These may lighten up with a good cleaning and the ones in the border, which are primarily glue and cardboard residue, would not be visible if the piece were remounted and framed or made into a pillow or other such item. In all, this is a charming vintage textile with sweet graphics and an enduring message. It would be absolutely adorable in a baby's or young child's bedroom.