Embryo/JIMMY JACKSON-Steig Aus

NEW 180g LP


originally released in 1972

Founded by Christian Burchard (drums, marimba, vibraphone) and still going strong almost 38 years later, this excellent example of fusion music from 1973 further demonstrates the vision of diversity the Brain label founders had.

This is another "must own" record, not only for Krautrock collectors, but for lovers of good music in general. Aided by Dave King and Joerg Evers on bass, the famous Mal Waldron on electric piano, Roman Bunka on guitar, Jimmy Jackson on organ and Mellotron and Edgar Hoffmann on violin, this release has 3 long and wonderful tracks.

The band's inner core around Christian Burchard has been working together for more than 25 years while a stream of new musicians gathers around them, bringing their influences from Africa, Asia and the arabian countries with them.

Track listing:

1. Radio Marrakesch / Orient Express
2. Dreaming girls
3. Call