Embury No.2 Air Pilot Lantern/1933/Antique/Vintage!!

Embury No.2 Air Pilot Antique Lantern! Built in 1933 by Embury MFG. Co. in Warsaw, NY. It's around 74 years old and surprisingly shows only a small amount of that age! It has a few chips, some scratching of the paint, and small amount of surface rust on it's top. After posting it for auction, I discovered a very slight twist in it's top. If done gently, this would be easily corrected,...but I'm not going to, and not sure a person should. It's part of it's life...It's all original, including it's unblemished globe! It was used at some point, and actually still had fuel in it when I removed it from storage. I received it from my father, and he's not even sure w it's been or lived? It's in surprisingly great condition for it's age! Go buy one today and see if it looks as well in 74 years! NO WAY! We don't make things these days that endue like this. A great antique for a collector!Thanks for looking! PayPal--eBay's service to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your eBay purchases!