Emerson Snow White Radio

Emerson Snow White Radio . Radio Does play with a little static and little hum . Finish is craze and thin on top . Top. looks worn in spots . One bottom corner has a little separation on one bottom edge . Also has a little chip out of the bottom in the same spot . This can be pick up in Pasadena Md 21122

A question came up about the chassis . Someone else sent me this link . /EmersonSnowWhite247.htm . read about where it says " Read a note on the Model number " . It says that this radio came with 2 chassis . A BM and a DB follow by the serial number. . This has a DB chassis in it . This is the way it was when I bought it over 25 years ago. It has just been sitting in the case. . I really do not know. . This is how it is being sold with a DB chassis .