EMI Tape Catalogue – Musicassette 8-Track & Quadrophonic Cartridge 1973

EMI Tape Catalogue – Musicassette, 8-Track, & Quadrophonic Cartridge, 1973. This is a decent example of an 8” x 5¼” 32-page Catalogue for EMI Musicassettes, 8-Tracks and Quadrophonic Cartidges that dates from the mid-1970s. 1973 I think, although it may just be from 1974. It contains details of dozens of Cassettes / Cartridges with catalogue numbers, some track listings, and in some cases there are pictures of the artists. It is divided into various categories, with for example pages or panels devoted to the Beatles, and Pink Floyd and there is a four-page Tamla-Motown section. One single page has a very small tear at the top but other than that there are no rips. There are no scribbles or grazes etc. It is just not quite flat due to how it has been stored. But is not creased either).

It is impossible to be an expert in all realms of collecting, and I am honestly representing this item to the best of my knowledge and ability. If the item has a fault then I have mentioned it. I ask that you read the description and examine the photos carefully. I also encourage you to ask any questions you may have during the auction to help clarify identification or condition, as I may inadvertently omit information that you as a collector feel is important.

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