EMIGRE Magazine #6 San Francsico/Berkeley 1986 Box Set

EMIGRE Magazine #6 San Francsico/Berkeley 1986 Box Set. In this box is the main section which is printed on white, coated stock throughout. There are also two additional sections which are printed on newsprint. Articles on a variety of subjects including Winston Tong, nude photos by Andrea Goldstein and paintings by Didier Cremieux, Scott Williams and Karen Douglas. For a more complete discription see the web page which has all issues listed, including this one, at < > The three sections are each 11-1/4" x 16-3/4" I found this copy in my flat files where it has lain for years. It was unopened, but I pulled the flap out (rather than cut the seal) so that I could photograph it (way too large to scan). The paper, especially the newsprint, has yellowed but it is in otherwise the condition it was in when I got it in 1986. It is complete, including the fan and an order form for digital Macintosh Fonts which has two circular indentations where it was pressed against gromits (that hold the fan together) for 29 years.

Shipping: I will remove and wrap the items contained individually. This will be additional work and add additional weight but is necessary to insure it arrives in the condition I send it in. This results in the extra cost of shipping which USPS says it will vary from $5.90-$10.94 depending on location of buyer. I
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