Emil Janel Original Carving-Beggar

Isn't it time that you owned an original Emil Janel sculpture? This alder wood carving standing over 13 inches tall by 4 inches wide has amazing detail but slight imperfections that need mentioning. The beggar has a slightly damaged nose and a repaired right foot which has been repaired but not noticeable. Janel's works are a part of the Swedish American Institute and many galleries througout the United States. Born in the 1800's Janel was a master carver known for his "exaggerated realism". Emil Janel spent many of his years in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife. Whether you are just beginning your Janel collection or adding to your existing you will not want to pass up the opportunity to purchase this sculpture at a reduced price due to slight damage. This item will ship in 3 days or less! Be the envy of your friends and take home the "beggar" masterpiece today!