Emms AMONG GIANTS Jack Russell Hounds Dog Fox Hunt Horse Framed Print

John Emms (1843-1912) was a popular painter of hounds. He exhibited at the Royal Academy. The most expensive paintings of dogs ever to be auctioned were of fox hounds. Emms was an avid huntsman himself and represented his considerable knowledge through his art. An accomplished horseman and convival guest, the artist sought patronage throughout the British Isles, traveling extensively to find clients and subjects. This absolutely adorable image of a Jack Russell and his rather large companions would make a fine gift for any houndsman or huntsman. It is a perfect size to place in any little space or add to a larger collection on the wall.

Overall size is 11"X13".

The era of wooden frames is fast fading into obscurity. Cost, of course, is the reason. At one time, synthetic frames were not attractive or sturdy. This newest frame is not only sturdy, but is very stylish and especially suited for the Old Masters. It is certainly more cost effective. I may soon, however, have a line of wooden frames. Prices, of course, will be considerably higher.

If you would like a different frame from the one you see here, look at my other auctions. I can offer an ornate gold, an ornate brown or a black frame. Also, if you want all of the pictures you order in the SAME frame, let me know. I will accommodate if I can.

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