Empire 298 To 698 Turntable Motor Mount Grommets & Book

Empire Turntable Motor Mount Grommets Replacements New.

This now Includes our 41 Page Empire PDF Turntable Rebuild Manual! Free!!!

A $30.00 Value.

With all the "Snake Oil" and hype around audio, I thought I would mention that we do 2 things. We do Empire Turntables and rebuild tube audio. We don't sell mismatched grommets that might fit. We sell what you need and nothing less. If you want, buy the manual that starts with sand blasting your plinth move on and if you like the manual, I will send you the grommets free. If not buy my grommets and get the manual free. Who else offers that? We do... We know Empires.

The Grommets Also Fit..... Rek O Cut K33H.

Thanks to another buyer for that fit-up. If you know these fit your turntable we will list it under "Also Fits". Thanks for any input.

As you can see from the picture, the flange is considerably higher than the ones on your unit. This is because of the strain that the motor has put on your fatigued Motor Mount Grommets over some 30 to 40 years. The other reason is that the Ferrule is not fully seated in these pictures. The Ferrules need to be pushed down.

These are new and never used. Original specs. Downward pressure has fatigued your old Grommets causing a decrease in belt pressure. Probably the biggest cause of LP speed
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