Emporio Armani AR1410 Brown/Rose Men's Watch (Head Only) For Spare Parts

Please read the description to find out what you will get Basically you will get the exact item as pictures
Some item may have broken parts (shown in pictures) Some may just need a battery and Some are in good condition and working order
But as we are clearing the stock, we consider all items as spare and scrap
You are bidding on:
Emporio Armani AR1410 Head Only Sold as spare part forBlack/Rose AR1410 Men's Watch
Item sold as seen in picture for any suitable parts that might be useful to you
Can be used for: Screen Glass (No Scratch) Back cover Bezel Case (No Scratch) or any part you can take out
Movement/Mechanism is working
Good Condition
Please make sure it is a part you looking for before bidding and buying
Sold as scrap for parts No return or refund accepted
Payment only accepted by Paypal within 4 days