Empty Canadian (RCM) Silver Maple Leaf Plastic Monster Box With Tubes (No Coins)

This is an original yellow plastic Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf monster box. It's a perfect way to store and protect your Canadian Silver Maples in a secure, compact fashion. This box contains 20 empty Silver Maple Leaf tubes in addition to the outer plastic shell.
- Original yellow plastic monster box from the Royal Canadian Mint - Holds a total of 500 Silver Maple Leaf coins - Can also be used to store other similarly-sized RCM silver bullion coins (e.g. Superman coins, Wildlife coins, Predator series coins, Birds of Prey series coins, etc) - In good condition with only minor signs of use (e.g. minor ink marks, abrasions, label residue) - Dimensions are 9.75" x 8" x 4.5" - Contains 20 empty tubes for Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins - Free shipping via UPS Ground