EMT 929 tonearm bearing, Thorens, TD 124

EMT 929 tonearm bearing, Thorens, TD 124

Up for auction is a pair of tonearm articulation bearings of the legendary and very rare EMT 929 tonearm system used on EMT 930 and 927 turntables. These are masterpieces of the German industry, professional quality all over, even in the smallest details. These were replacement spare parts at the Hungarian Radio-broadcasting Studio for EMT 930 turntables.

It can be a very nice upgrade to your existing Thorens BTD-12S / TP-14 tonearm. By replacing the Thorens tonearm bearing with this EMT you will improve the overall sonic quality of you tonearm system. If you want a real upgrade to your Thorens TD-124 equipped with a Thorens tonearm get this EMT bearing together. EMT parts are of much higher quality so the sonic differences will be audible.

These are original EMT parts and I can guarantee their perfect condition. It is not new so I am selling as is.

EMT 929 is the standard tone arm par excellence. It was introduced as replacement of the Ortofon arms on EMT 930 and also used on all other turntables. The vertical bearing has the same length like at the one used with the EMT 997, but is extended by a tube to mount the socket. For using on an EMT 930 the arm tube is equipped with a sleeve which sticks on the magnet of the lift bank.

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