en37 Mexico 94 12c Mazatlan 26-72/ Sinaloa Sz783 15p VF

the Selected Classic to Modern Mexican Stamps

en37 Mexico 94 12c Mazatlan 26-72/ Sinaloa Sz783 15p VF Nice in any collection, this will be great in yours. .

Today, I am putting up more very special items. It is difficult to find nice well centered and scarce items from Mexico for both the buyer and the seller. Just like you, I spend a great deal of time looking for more material. The difference is, I need it to sell to you and you need it to add to your collections. With no wholesale out there and collectors looking high and low for the same stamps, it is a real treat for me to buy new material I know you will love. The stamps I have up today are just those type of stamps. I am first listing '72 issues and them I skip to the early 20th Century. You will find both nice condition material and scarce items. I have tried to price them as low as possible, so many bargains can be found in these stamps you are looking over. Please don't make the mistake of thinking anything in Mexico is common. Mexican stamps are some of the most difficult to find, and it is only because there are a limited number of collectors that you can purchase these at such good prices. So, please look not only at this stamp, but the other ones I have listed and maybe you will find some items to add to your collection. Please enjoy!.

Some of my markings
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