Enamel / Porcelain Top Table 1940's 1950's VINTAGE

You are looking at a FABULOUS vintage 1940's/1950's table. It has a built-in silverware drawer and leaves that pull out on both sides. The leaves push in and pull out smoothly. This table is in fantastic condition for its age and one of the best I have ever seen. Pictures 4 and 5 show two tiny chips on one of the leaves that have been touched up. T is also a small dent on the surface of the table. I had a hard time getting it to show up in the photographs, but you can see it in the last picture. The chrome legs are in good condition. T is a small amount of corrosion at the bottom of the legs, which is common for this type of table. I have included close-up pictures of the best and worst looking legs.
The table top measures 25" X 40" and 45" X 40" with the leaves extended. The height is 31."
I also have four chairs with red seats that came from an old ice cream parlor. They are in good condition but could use a fresh coat of spray-paint. The seats on these chairs are a bit wide for this table--they do not push in to the ends. When I was using this table in my dining room I used two of the chairs at the table all the time, and used the other two only when I needed to seat four people. The winning bidder is welcome to any and all of the chairs at no extra charge except for the cost of shipping.
This table is available
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