is an unusual enema nozzle, a unique item indeed. It is 6 1/2 inches long overall, with 5 1/2 inches of "usuable" length. It starts out at 1/2"dia. for one inch, with the first knob 1" in dia. It then narrows down to 5/8"dia, and increases up to the second knob at1 1/8" dia, narrowing down to 3/4" dia, and the third knob to 1 1/4" in dia., which narrows down to the end at 5/8" in dia. next to the end flange at 1 1/4" in dia. This is made out of an unusual material called nylonthon, which as you can see gives it a marblized look. It is black and silver looking. With use, it will take on a similar look of hard rubber. A friend has made several nozzles out of this material, but this is the largest one he has made, and it will be the last large one of this size he will be making, as it requires alot of extra work. This is new and has never been used, as he just finished it after spending several hours on it. Add this to your collection, as it is one of a kind and you will have the only one like it. You will be pleased with it.

Payable by money order. NO PAYPAL!

Shipping by USPS mail, add $2.50 Please advise if you have any questions.