ENERGIE German WWII trade magazine for metal workers and machinists 1938 to 1941

You are bidding on a large lot of very rare wartime magazines called ENERGIE . This magazine is a wartime German WWII trade magazine designed for the metal trade like machinist, lath operators , tool and die makers etc.Each magazine is about 8.25 by 11.75 and page count seems to differ from one issue to the next . The covers each show a military scene like a soldier throwing a hand grenade , a type 7 u-boat/ uboot , a pzkw mark 3 tank , DO17 Luftwaffe airplane , the KDF cruise ship ROBERT LEY , various types of trains , planes motors , engines , very large gears and other mechanical objects. Inside there are pictures of all types of machinery related to the war industry like laths , drill presses, band saws every type of metal working machine you can think of ! If you ever wanted to know how that tank, airplane , submarine , car engines etc. this is a magazine for you . There are articles related to the war effort and there is a lot of math problems to solve , if you are a math genius this is a magazine for you !The cream of the crop is a story on the draeger tauchretter and escaping from sunken u-boats and the marks rubber life raft.if you are into German u-boats , uboot, u boot this one edition is worth the entire lot ! This is a treasure trove of war time pictures and articles . If you are a machinist or someone who is interested ... read more