Energy Tibetan Agate Ritual Yin Yang 10 Bead Pendant

Energy Tibetan Agate Ritual Yin Yang 10 Bead Pendant Approximate Size:


Material: Tibetan dzi stone Condition: Museum Quality

This Ancient Dzi Bead was obtained directly from Tibet. This ancient dzi bead has been examined by the expert & guaranteed to be a genuine piece. It was originally obtained from the native Tibetan family. Most of their Dzi Beads were inherited from their ancestors, from generation to generation. This particular piece of ancient Dzi bead has been well-kept since the olden day, look at the luster of the body sheen, the quality is top-notch
DZI is quite worthy of being worshipped, worn, and collected. This is a tendency of nowadays. We can wear the DZI or worship in the niche, it can bring our family lucky, success, happy and all other satisfactions. Dzi Bead is an eons-old antique, ALSO it remains fashionable. Its different pattern is an ideal trendy ornament for the young and is also suitable for all ages. DZi beads is the sign of Prosperity, Happiness and Longevity, People believe that It can help its owner ensure the growth in compassion, power and glory thus bringing about immense benefits.
Note: Photo color might deviate slightly to the original item.

Legend of the Dzi beads

The Dzi bead itself has mythological and legendary elements. During
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