Enesco Animated Grand Piano Music Box "Music Mice-Tro

Enesco "Music Mice-Tro"

Grand Piano

Music Box - Animated

Found in a ritzy estate sale hidden in the back of a china cabinet. The lady collected music boxes but did not care for mice so it got shoveled to the back. This is a charming, hard to find, Enesco Small World of Music, Deluxe Multi-Action Animated Musical named "Music Mice-Tro",.Grand Piano Music Box, dated 1992, includes an Enesco Musical Society Certified Excellent Medallion, and AC adaptor. It plays the tune "Polonaise", while all the mice musicians are in action. It measures 8" x 6" x 9". It is in perfect working condition, like new, no box.

Originally sold for $200.00

Each mouse moves; the girl ballerina turns as piano keys slightly move up and down as the boy runs back and forth across them. The conductor turns on his stand with a wand in his hand. The drummer's arms move up and down as the play his drum. The bass fiddler player, the harp player and the horn player all turn back and forth. The piano is mirrored inside so movement can be seen in all directions. The details on this little music box are incredible and enchanting.

I did not do a lot of cleaning on this item for fear of damaging it. I used canned air to blow some of the dust off it, but I am leaving the detail cleaning up to the buyer.

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