Enesco Brambly Hedge Mice Figurines Jill Barklem 6

Set of 6 adorable Brambly Hedge figurines by Enesco

Jill Barklem is a British writer and illustrator of children's books. She began writing about the lives of tiny mice in Brambly Hedge in 1980, and the stories were an immediate success. Each figurine in the set has a sticker on the bottom (on felt) reading "Brambly Hedge" by E Jill Barklem, a date and a number.


1) Lady mouse in an apron holding a dish towel - 1986 - #698903

2) Kitchen table with Wilfred's Birthday cake (reads "Happy Birthday Wilfred"), pies, cheese of course, and other delectable edibles - 1986 - #698954

3) Picnic cloth with the same Birthday cake, other food, and a pinic basket - 1991 - #626422

4) Bunk beds in room with pink flowered wallpaper, toys, and stonework on the back - 1990 - #617938

5) Large canopy bed with curtains. The top holds treasures and collectibles. Bed is adorned with pillows. Slippers and a favorite book wait nearby on the floor - 1990 - #617911

6) A real clock in a tall kitchen pantry filled to the brim with bottles, books, vegetables, towels, etc. It takes one AA battery, and it works! The back is flat and t is a hook if you want to hang it - 1991 - #626600

Condition (by item)

1) Good - The lady mouse has a chip broken off of the top part of
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