engineering/drawing Supermarine Spitfire!

Capture a piece of aviation history!

A detailed blueprint, created in the old style. Awesome looking plan will look fantastic when matted and framed properly for display.

NOTE... To get an idea what a genuine blueprint looks like when nicely matted and framed for display, scroll down. Design drawing measures 24" x 36" and is produced on the highest quality blueprint paper. The entire texts of the prints are in English, clear and easy to read. ______________Big ____________/
Three feet wide plus borders!

This is a Engineering Blueprint Drawing. A reproduction of the famous Supermarine Spitfire. Extremely detailed. All aircraft components are shown and identified. Truly a wonderful item for the aircraft memorabilia collector.

This stunning illustration and visual work of reference will allow you a rare look inside the inner workings of this aircraft.
Excellent for setting the mood in your home or office for that technical look, truly captivating!
The Spitfire served, and continued to be built, throughout WWII. It served in many theaters, and with many Allied nations, including the USA and the Soviet Union.

The Vickers Supermarine Spitfire was one of the most graceful airplanes to be produced during the second World War. And, in fulfilling its wartime assignment of defending England against

A small, graceful, elliptical-wing fighter with eight guns in the wings that were able to fire without being hindered by the propeller. The immortal Spitfire thus became not merely one of the best-performing fighters of all time, but also one of the best-looking. Although never a long-range aircraft, the Spitfire was a champion in an air-to-air duel. Spitfires became famous for pushing the limits and routinely dived at velocities approaching the speed of sound, faster than any German jets.

The Spitfire is undoubtedly one of the most famous aircraft ever built. Its graceful lines combined with outstanding handling qualities to produce a "dream plane" extremely fast, and in comparison to contemporary types was second to none.

Data for Spitfire Mk.IA Engine: one Rolls Royce Merlin III at 1,030 hp. Speed: 362 mph Range: 395 miles Ceiling: 31,900 feet Climb: 2127 fpm Armament: eight .303 Browning machine guns in the wings

Note: Plans required to construct an entire aircraft typically consist of dozens of blueprints, each covering a single component or assembly. The first blueprint in the set is called the "Cover Sheet". Well designed Cover Sheets show every component within the aircraft without losing the perspective. They are the most detailed and often have a striking three dimensional look to them. For this reason, they are the most sought after. The Blueprint you are receiving is the Cover Sheet, and labeled as such. Very sharp Blueprint showing every component without losing the visual! ________________ Printed Area-Three Feet Wide________________

Yes..! With us. You are receiving a Real Blueprint!

For many... the term blueprint is used loosely to describe copies of original drawings or tracings.

What is a Blueprint...

Formed by light-sensitive iron salts, the blueprint process is characterized by white lines on a distinctive blue background that can range from deep to moderate in intensity. It relies on two classes of compounds. The paper is light-sensitized with a mixture of a diazonium salt (used in the manufacture of dyes), a reactant and an acid that keeps the diazonium salt and the reactant from reacting with each other.

A designer or draftsman first makes an original drawing on tracing paper or clear, colorless plastic. This tracing is placed over chemically modified blueprinting paper and exposed to ultraviolet light. Light destroys the diazon...
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