Engineer's Mini-Notebook * 6 handbooks on CD

Engineer's Mini-Notebook

6 Mini handbooks on CD

by Forrest M. Mims

(Archer - Radio Shack Publications)

Easy to read Adobe PDF format.

Adobe PDF reader included.

1) Basic Semiconductor Circuits

Chapter Contents:

Resistors Capacitors R-C Circuits Diodes and Rectifiers Zener Diodes Bipolar Transistors Junction FETS Power MOSFETS Unijunction Transistors Piezoelectric Buzzers Piezo-Element Drivers Silicon Controlled Rectifiers Triacs

2) Digital Logic Circuits

Chapter Contents:

Transistor Logic Circuits Binary (Two-State) Numbers Logic Gates TTL and TTL/LS Logic TTL Input Interfacing TTL Output Interfacing TTL Nand Gate Circuits TTL Application Circuits CMOS Logic Family CMOS Input Interfacing CMOS Output Interfacing CMOS Nand Gate Circuits CMOS Application Circuits Logic Family Interfacing Digital Troubleshooting

3) Communications Projects

Chapter Contents:

Connected Links Wireless Links Electromagnetic Radiation International Morse Code Learning the Code Code Practice Oscillators Electromagnetic Telegraph Solid State Telegraphs Telephone Receiver Push-to-talk Intercom Lightwave Communications Radio Communications

4) Formulas, Tables and Basic Circuits

Chapter Contents:

Electronic Formulas Mathematics Constants
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