engineers toolbox

I havea mania for collecting these toolboxes, they came into being when this country was proud of its engineering and mechanical skills. Each box could tell stories of the things which their owners made, because they have all been owned at some time by somebody who used them to store tools and equipment for use in projects of one sort or another.

These tools were expensive and of high quality and needed nurturing if they were to perform at their best. I bet Brunell had one or something like it.

However there comes a time when the wife will no longer stand for rows of toolboxes in every room and they have to be moved on to the many enthusiasts who respect their tools and what they can do.

And of course like many other antiques in this modern age they have many other uses with the same high standards. Perfect for your collections of jewellery,watches,penknives,snuff boxes etc etc.

There are three main makes although other types exist. Moore and Wright, Neslein, and Union . There is a large range of American ones too, but these somehow don’t have the same charisma as the ones found in England . Varying slightly, the M&W ones are usually of solid oak and often have one of the small drawers twice normal depth. The others are of high quality ply,and are lighter so are much easier to carry, and vary
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