New England Primitive Folk Art Witch Village Apple Orchard Wooden Wall Hanging

This whimsical piece is an original copy write design of My New England Witches in Trees series. The scene show 16 New England Witches hard at work in their Apple Orchard, in the Village of Apple Hollow, just down the road from Old Salem Town. Aggie and Eunice are out in front of the White Picket Fence raking and pulling weeds to make it presentable to visitors. Belinda is out behind the Farm Stand raking leaves, while Mary yells to Flo to get off the stone wall and get back to work. Lucy, Sally, Priscilla, Allie and Dora are in the Wagons and off to bring Pumpkins and other goods to Market in Salem. Joanie, Sara, Elizabeth, Violet, and Mazie are in the Orchards Picking Apples for baking and selling. Eliza Jane, the Elder Witch, has taken to the sky with her Purple Cape and a Banner that says Pick Your Own Apples. There is lots of fine detail on this signed and dated collectible piece! Two Salt Box Houses in colors of Yellow and White, a Red Barn with a "Salem Seed Co." sign above the Barn Doors, a Farm Stand with a Barn Star, Apple Hollow Sign and Fresh Cider Sign. The Farm Stand also has Pumpkins, and Jugs of Cider. There is a Corn Stalk, Apple Ladders, Crates of Apples, a Bee Skep, Sunflowers, a Quilt on the ground, one on the White Picket Fence and another Quilt on the Sheep. There is a Stone Wall, a Salem Sign with an Arrow, ... read more