English Cloth Character Shirley Temple by Allwin

20 (51 cm.) Felt head, pressed and painted facial features with upper glancing pale blue eyes, large black pupils, black eyeliner, long brown painted lashes, feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth in smiling expression, row of teeth, blonde mohair wig in ringlet curls, sateen upper torso and arms, sewn-on lavender rayon gown with tiered ruffles, felt rosebud flowers, the skirt is hollow for use as sewing sack. Condition: generally excellent, slight dent on nose, few spots on dress. Comments: Richards Son & Allwins, Ltd of Great Britain offered a series of cloth Shirley Temple dolls for British distribution in 1936, described as The Worlds Darling and described as the only authorized British agent; among the dolls shown in a photograph that appeared in August 1936 Film Pictorial magazine was this model. Value Points: very rare doll in well-preserved original condition. Estimate: 1200/1500