English Portal Three Kingdoms 3K Commons x 142 including False Defeat

This auction is for Portal Three Kingdoms English Commons x 142 including FalseDefeat, 4 x Misfortune’s Gain, 4 x Riding Red Hare, 4 x Shu Cavalry, 2 x ShuElite Infantry, 5 x Shu Farmer(1 x Mark on Left Front), 3 x Shu Foot Soldiers, 3 x Shu Grain Caravan, Virtuous Charge, 5 x Volunteer Militia, 4 x Broken Dam, Extinguish, 2 x Forced Retreat, 6 x Preemptive Strike, 4 x Sage’s Knowledge, 3 x Straw Soldiers, 2 x Wu Elite Cavalry, 4 x Wu Light Cavalry, 4 x Wu Warship, 5 x Deception, 2 x Imperial Edict, Return to Battle, 6 x Wei Ambush Force, 4 x Wei Infantry, 3 x Wei Scout, 3 x Wei Strike Force, 2 x Young Wei Recruits, 2 x Zodiac Rat, 3 x Barbarian Horde, 4 x Burning Fields, 2 x Desert Sandstorm, 3 x Fire Ambush, 2 x Independent Troops, 4 x Mountain Bandit, Stone Rain, Yellow Scarves Cavalry, 3 x Yellow Scarves Troops, 5 x Zodiac Dog, Zodiac Goat, 4 x Forest Bear, 5 x Meng Huo’s Horde, 4 x Southern Elephant, 2 x Spring of Eternal Peace, 4 x Trained Jackal, Wielding the Green Dragon, 3 x Zodiac Monkey, 2 x Zodiac Rabbit . Refer to the scans for condition but feel free to contact me with any questions if you have them before bidding. The cards not pictured are mostly in NM condition and are unplayed but there are a few exceptions. If you want scans of specific cards that aren't already included, please let me know.

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