English Tea Set Cobalt Blue and Gold ANTIQUE **HUGE SUGAR BOWL**

This set is very old but as to the exact age I am just not sure. When you hold it up to the light you can see your finger shadowed thru the china. The blue flows into areas it was not intended to be but it is very dark in color. The gold is in good condition with very little worn off but does show wear marks. The flowers are stamped not hand painted and the colors are bright. Condition is fair with some crazing and brown spots. The only marks are the numbers 521 and on some pieces a red X and a blue dot. No impressed numbers are seen. One cup has a hairline crack at the lip that is discolored and one saucer is brown in the bottom. The lids, handles and spouts are intact with no repairs seen. The interior of the pot has minor discoloratin from use but the sugar and creamer are without discoloration. The lids do not seem to seat well and you have to turn them to get them so they look like they are sitting flat. The set does have glazing that is uneven and defects from it's manufacturer. I have had this for years and have enjoyed having it but I am downsizing and need to get this set a new home.

Teapot apporx from the tip of spout to outside of handle is 11" and apporx 6 1/2 tall

Sugar is approx 9" from handle to handle and approx 5 1/5" tall from the top

Creamer approx 6" from lip to handle and 5" tall

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