ENHYDRO Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal Cluster w/ Moving Anthraxolite - On Sale

RARE 100% Natural Herkimer Diamond Enhydro Crystal Cluster with Moving Anthraxolite from Herkimer County, New York!
A Truly One of a Kind Herkimer Diamond, This Specimen Contains 4 Crystals. One Large Main Crystal, That Contains the Moving Anthraxolite, 2 Very Small Baby Crystals That Can be seen on The Outside Edge of the Larger Main Crystal, and a 4th Crystal on the Bottom of the Cluster.This 4th Bottom Crystal Was Attached to the Original Crystal Pocket and was Broken in Half During the Extraction Process. The Unique Break Provides an Excellent Base for the Cluster to Stand on!
Herkimer Diamond Enhydro Crystals are Rare and Special, Containing a 400 Million Year Old Water Bubble in the Crystal. Quality Enhydro Crystals Contain Either an Air Bubble or Black Anthraxolite that Moves in the Crystal.
This Special Enhydro Crystal has 2 Areas that Contain Amazing Pieces of Anthraxolite that Move within an Ancient Water Bubbles in the Crystal. When Shipped we will Include an 2 Arrow Stickers that Point to the Areas of the Crystal that Contains the Moving Anthraxolite!
Both of the Enhydro Zones that have Moving Anthraxolite are Located in the Main Largest Crystal of the Cluster!
*Due to the Volatility of Enhydro Crystals, we do not Offer or Ship Enhydro Crystals Internationally and Remind National Customers that They
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