ENLIGHTENED TUTOR x4 *1x is FOIL* MTG 6th Ed. Mirage

Enlightened Tutor x4 * * * 1 FOIL from 6th Edition, 1 regular from 6th Edition, and 2 from Mirage * * * I estimate these cards to be between Near Mint to Near Mint/Mint condition. Please view the picture for a better description of the cards.

Please view my grading scale below.

Thank you for your interest in my auction. I have many MTG auctions this week, including bulk collections of rare and un/common cards, so please check them out—FOILS and nonFOILS!

I know each person has his/her own card grading scale, so please look at the picture to make your own judgment of the card(s) condition(s).

I take very good care of most of my cards—placed inside polypropylene card sleeves and/or binders. I am very critical when grading my cards. According to my judgment, MINT cards are either factory sealed or inside its unopened booster pack. Please view below for my complete card grading scale.


Note: I take into account both front and back sides when grading cards.

MINT: Factory sealed or inside its unopened booster pack.

Near Mint/Mint: Very close to perfection. This card is as close to mint as you can that is not factory sealed. Card may have a few tiny pieces of ink breaking off from the card due to air exposure, card aging, and/or inserting into its sleeve protector.
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