I have been a collector of American Indian Art for over 30 years and have decided to sell some of my wonderful paintings and limited edition prints. I am listing about 40 Enoch Kelly Haney's from the years 1976 to 1994. Some are sold out pieces that have raised in value to almost $1000. They were purchased in Oklahoma and are very collectable AND HARD TO FIND pieces, especially the Hawk, Eagle and Owl from the Wildlife series. You will find it difficult to find old pieces like the ones I am listing on my site. I have some of my art in Houston and some in OKC so I will ship purchased items within a week when I return to one city or the other. Don't miss these and they are still in the original purchased condition as seen in the photos. Email me with any questions....................

I will be listing almost 100 paintings and over 50 different artists on my STORE site. I will be extremely careful with shipping and only ship insured. You can email me with any questions.

Many of the prints are the 3rd in the series because we purchased from all his releases during those years.

Enoch Kelly Haney Limited Edition Print " Eternal Warrior" 3/ 50 11x15 image

Prints will be removed from existing packing and shipped rolled in container for $10 with certificate included

gallery prices!!!!