Ensoniq ESQ-1. Some minor faults but Audio and MIDI working perfectly. £1 NR

I'm selling my much loved Ensoniq ESQ-1 (as well as some other vintage gear - please check my other auctions).
It has a few minor faults but nothing that will stop you getting all those wonderful analogue-digital hybrid sounds for which they are famous.
One key on the keyboard (4th C up) doesn't work at all and B flat below middle C is intermittent. It's fine for auditioning sounds stood at the machine but I guess you wouldn't want it as a master keyboard...
The display has some segments not working but it's still possible to read and tell what's going on (I'll show this clearly when I upload photos).
It needs a replacement battery. It works fine with the dead one but it will lose sounds when you switch it off unless you use a cartridge (I'm selling some separately btw).
I've never bothered with it as I just throw banks at it via sysex and there are *loads* of patch banks on the web.
All of the above are easily repaired should you wish as almost all spares are available on eBay and elsewhere. But you don't need to if you just want it as a sound source as part of a bigger studio setup.
Condition-wise it has no noticeable dints or other damage and is really quite good for a 25 year old synth!
Carriage has to be £15 I'm afraid due to the weight and the time it will take to package for
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