Two Enterprise Razzle-Dazzle Super Deluxe Controline Wood Airplane Model

DESCRIPTION : Up for bid are two new in box Enterprise Razzle-Dazzle Super Deluxe Controline Wood Airplane Model s. As advertised on the boxes:
Complete Hardware Accessories Plastic Spinner Aluminum Cowling Fully Shaped and Pre-Colored Parts
CONDITION : Both are new in original box with defects as noted:
Both cellophane packets with the spinners and small accessories had holes (patched with tape). One packet is missing a washer. The other appears complete, but not guaranteed. One of the decals is brittle with cracks. It will no transfer to the model. The other is in good clean condition, pliable with no cracks. However, due to age this decal may not transfer without problems. There is a cloth-like white strip in each box. Don't know their usage. Both are curved and somewhat brittle. Otherwise, both models are complete as shown in the photos. The wood pieces are in very good clean condition, no warping, discoloration, or splintering. One box is in good condition, top side edge is torn, bottom is a little rough. The other box is in poor to fair condition, well worn throughout.

I ask you to closely examine the photos to evaluate the models condition and completeness. Please ask questions before you bid to avoid potential problems after the item is received. Returns are accepted, but at the buyer's expense .

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