Entex Boeing 747 1/100 Scale Model Kit

Up for sale.....(1) Entex Boeing 747-100 Model Kit "As Is" condition United Airlines 1970's Livery.
Who shouldn't bid on this kit:
(1) first time model builders
(2) Folks who don't relish losing any extra hair (it will require extra patience)
(3) Any additional model builders I may have left out in the above 2 categories
Having mentioned the above I want people to be fully aware of WHAT EXACTLY they're bidding on. This was a complete model kit purchased on Ebay from a very reputable
seller and shipped up here fully insured and in an undamaged condition UNTIL either the USPS or Canada Post people decided it required an undesired modification and proceeded to drive over it (or pack it) in amongst some VERY heavy items while on its long journey from the US to Canada. As you can plainly see by the photos, the right half of the aircraft's fuselage is in (2) pieces -- the break at the center is relatively clean and ought to be very easy to fix -- the rear piece will require heat treatment and TLC so as to form itself back to a "normal shape" -- for experienced model builders not impossible at all to do.
Both halves of the left wing have a slight bend in them (they're normally straight) however with a little heat treatment this can be easily remedied. The decals have three tears on the "stripe" portions however
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