Entire collection of GB FDC from 1979-2002 + more - 12.7kg – Excellent condition

I have a collection of virtually every first day cover from 1980-2002 plus some additional FDC's from before and after (1966-2005). They are all in excellent condition and I'm looking to sell them as a collection. I have listed them briefly below however I do have a detailed description of the collection which I can e-mail to you if you would like.

I will send them via courier as the stamps alone weigh 12.7kg!!


BRITISH 247 First Day Covers 1979-2003 (some earlier), with very few missing from Year groups. Nearly all hand-stamped with Edinburgh bureau, typed addresses and inserts. Some with special franking marks. 70 Definitive First Day Covers, hand-stamped Edinburgh Bureau, typed addresses and inserts. 11 Miniature Sheets (not on first day covers) Some Postage to Pay stamps JERSEY 177 Commemorative First Day Covers, 1979-2003, with few missing from Year groups, hand-stamped Jersey, not addressed with no inserts 26 Definitive First Day Covers, hand-stamped, not addressed GUERNSEY 139 Commemorative First Day Covers, 1979-2003, hand-stamped Guernsey, no inserts 18 Definitive First Day Covers, 1979-2003, hand-stamped Guernsey, no inserts Postage Paid stamps on First Day Covers 20 Miniature Sheets, not on First Day Covers, not franked, 1989-2002 ALDERNEY 34 Commemorative First Day Covers, 1984-2003, hand-stamped
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